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My name is Charlotte Mandrier and I am a children's and family portrait photographer based in Healdsburg, California. I love photographing children of all ages, and grown-ups who are young at heart. I believe in the importance of getting the whole family together in the frame. My work is never done until you are holding your memories in print.


About Me


Hi! I'm Charlotte. I have been a Healdsburg resident for over five years now. I live in town with my husband, Brandt, our baby girl, Parker and Bauer, our dog. We moved out here to be closer to family, and because we love it here! I have also lived in Washington DC, Upstate New York, and Washington State.

I adore working with kids, especially babies and toddlers. A lot of parents are nervous that their kiddos won't cooperate, but I can always sneak in some calm moments no matter how hectic the shoot. I go in to every shoot with a plan and plenty of wiggle room.  It's never a matter of if a young child will decide to go off and do their own thing, its a matter of when. And when it does happen, I give them space, let them do their own thing, and that's when the magic happens. It never fails. Photographing families is such a fun process, and I especially love sharing that magic with families who haven't had the experience yet.

Come hang out with me for an hour or two. Let me get to know your family for a just a little bit. In turn, I will showcase your family's beauty, strengths and joy in every single picture. <3

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