Baby M's Vintage Space Themed Nursery!

Baby M is due any day now, and I've been spending the last few weeks finishing up her nursery! I am so excited to finally be able to share the finished product! My affinity for interior design, crafting, photography, and all things girly all conspired to create her Vintage Space themed nursery! 

Aside from baby's due date and gender, the most commonly asked question I have gotten during this pregnancy is how I was planning to decorate the nursery. Every time I said, a "vintage space theme" I would always get a confused look, followed by a bewildered, "that sounds great!...?" Unsure how to better share my vision, I continually promised to show pictures when it was all done!

It all started with pages from a vintage science text book that I fell in love with (shown framed in the fourth picture down). From there, I found a few other vintage space pieces. I made a starry wall art above the crib, as well as the solar system inspired mobile. I stuck in a few more modern rocket prints from Etsy and Target, and a family member contributing a NASA badge! I also made the tutu for future baby photo shoots! Lots of baby pictures coming soon! <3


Charlotte MandrierComment