5 on 5 - June 2016

It is time once again for this month's 5 on 5! 5 on 5 is a monthly blog circle that I participate in with several other photographers. 

This is my round up of my five favorite photos from the month of June. 

To celebrate two years of marriage, and Baby M on the way(!) Mr. M and I headed down to Carmel by the Sea. Every evening we headed down to the beach to catch the amazing sunsets. I totally forgot to pack my tripod, but made due with some strategic camera placement on a rock, and in one case, a wooden railing. All of the above photos are from the beach. (For more Carmel by the Sea photos, check out my instagram page.)

Now, please continue following this month's blog circle and check out the (ever-so-talented!) Jennifer Brake! (click her name to see her 5 on 5 post!) A special congratulations are in order for Jennifer who was published in the May/June 2016 issue of Click Magazine! (a huge accomplishment!). Jennifer's published image can also be viewed in the free digital copy of Special Issue: Why It Works Collection. Once you are done with the blog circle, check it out! 

Happy Summer Everyone! <3