New Logo!

"She's a beaut, Clark!"

Can you name what holiday movie that quote is from? It's one of my very favorites! And it also conveys how I feel about my beautiful new logo!

This time of year, I find myself watching (and quoting!) every holiday movie I can get my hands on! This is also the time of year that I find myself planning for the next year, shopping for a new agenda, and fresh blank notebooks.

After an entire (indecisive) year working ambiguously under "Charlotte Mandrier Photography," and "Mrs M Photography," I realized it was time to commit to a single name, and Charlotte Mandrier Photography won out for its flexibilty and timelessness. I've been adding more and more studio work for small businesses and corporate clients. This name works for my studio work, just as much as it does for my number one love, children's portraiture!

Lots of updates in the works! I'll be working all month on updating my brand, while I watch (and quote) holiday movies, of course! What are your favorite holiday movie lines? 

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